Thursday, March 19, 2009

It seemed that our first few weekend visits to MAYA were comprised primarily of  exploration and discovery.  We were exploring every nook and cranny to see what exactly we had bought and along the way, we discovered many things that needed fixed.  The previous owners did their best to point out a few things that needed attention before we purchased her, however there is no way to tell what may pop up in the future.  This search and discovery process was fun and in some ways painful.  When we would uncover some little neat thing that we didn't know we had, invariably our excitement was muted not much later by something that we found was broken.

For instance, the engine room is filled with all kinds of heavy machinery, electrical and plumbing components.  At first glance it can be overwhelming.  I know the first time I went down there, I almost walked away from the deal because the thought of learning how all that stuff worked was so daunting.  All I could see when I went down there were dollar signs or as we have come to know them as, boat units.  We have been told that a boat unit is worth $1,000.00 dollars and that everything you monetize on the boat is expressed in these units.  You need a new autopilot, well that's 5 boat units.  A new anchor, that's 1 boat unit.  I think boaters use that term because it is less painful than saying the 'D' word. (dollars).

In any event, we haven't had our first voyage yet and we have already spent 3 boat units for repairs and maintenance.  You may be able to pick out the round wheel that is leaking fluid in the picture.  This engine component drives cooling water throughout one of the engines.  It, along with its gasket, needs replaced.  Just like that, another boat unit.  

Nonetheless, it has been fun so far.  In a few short weeks, we will be headed out from our temporary home in Great Bridge, Virginia, along the Intercoastal Waterway to our first port of call in southern North Carolina.  We are hoping for lots of fair skies and fewer boat units.