Saturday, April 10, 2010

I will be upfront with you.  Watching television on the boat flies in the face of what cruising is all about.  Sitting around watching the 'boob tube' is not my idea of having a grand time on the high seas.  That being said, there are times when it is nice to be connected to the outside world.  For instance, I was mildy curious about Tiger's coterie of non-golf friends.  I also took an interest in the NCAA Final Four.

So, for the sake of current events and our ability to converse intelligently with those on the outside world,  I thought it prudent to hook up the long range TV antenna Kim's mom Ginny got us for Christmas.  With it we are able to access TV stations from over 50 miles away.   Made especially for boats, (overpriced) it is guaranteed to greatly enhance your ability to waste time in front of your onboard TVs.

Last week, I conned my dad into flying down with me to the boat.  His last adventure was not that hot (it was very cold) and we didn't get to do much fun stuff.  I told him that I had a few minor projects to complete and that his help would make things much easier.  After that, we would be taking Maya for a spin to shake out some the cobwebs from her systems.  "Sign me up!" he cheerily said.

The antenna project was a real knuckle buster.  We had to run coaxial and electrical lines through narrow conduits inside Maya's structure.  With the help of an electrician's fish tape and a lot of spilled blood, we were able to finish the project in a day.  Here is a picture of Dad enjoying himself on Maya.

It was touch and go there for a little while as Dad tried to get himself out of the tight space he had crawled into.  I was ready to call the paramedics and their 'jaws of life' to extricate him, but with a little pulling and tugging he made it out of there unscathed.

The next day we took Maya out for a test run.  I had done some work on the engines and transmissions and wanted to give them a workout.  It was the perfect day for boating and Dad enjoyed himself immensely.  I did too.  We were also able to take the dinghy out for a spin.  That little boat is so much fun.  Luckily we joined up with a school of dolphins who were out for a spin as well.  They were close enough for us to literally touch.  After following them for an hour or so, it was time to return to Maya.

We tested out the new antenna that night watching back to back episodes of "24" and the best NCAA 'final two' basketball game I have ever seen.  It all worked great!  What a treat it was spending time with Dad.  I promised him that the next trip would be all fun and no work.  I don't think he cared though.  He's a tough cookie!